Health benefits of hog plum

What is hog plum?

Hog plum known as June plums, yellow mombin, or monkey mombin is an oval-shaped small mango-like juicy fruit. It is readily available in Africa, India, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, The Bahamas, Indonesia, and other Caribbean islands.

The fruits have a sweet and sour taste like avocado in tropical countries. It has different colors including green, purple, red, orange, and yellow. Hog plum belongs to the Spondias genus.

Why hog plum is good for delaying human ageing?

Free radicals are linked to human aging and a source of diseases. There are lots of essential vitamins and nutrients present in hog plums that fight against free radicals and delay human aging.

Why hog plum is good for diabetes patient?

To measure the antidiabetic activity of hog plum (Spondias mombin) a dose of the methanol extract and its chloroform fraction was administered. The experiment showed a significant blood-glucose-lowering effect.

The chloroform fraction of hog plum (Spondias mombin) showed a peak hypoglycaemic effect of 60.6% at 4 hours. Hypoglycaemic also is known as a low blood sugar level.

Hog plum health benefits:

Following are some of the nutritional benefits of hog plum:

Good for digestive health

Hog plum provides an excellent fiber source. This fruit is juicy with a unique sweet and sour taste. Hog plum is low in calories and high in fiber.

As it is high in fiber, it improves our digestive system enhancing bowel movements and lessening the chances of constipation. Additionally, high fiber foods, such as hog plum, in your diet can lower both diabetes and heart disease.

Improves Haemoglobin production

Hog plum is high in iron. Iron is a mineral that is necessary for the transportation of oxygen in the body. Iron-deficiency, anemia is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world.

A 100 gm serving of hog plum contains 3.2 mg of iron. If we eat 100 gm of hog plum daily then it will meet 18% of our required daily needs.

Contains high amount of vitamin “C”

Hog plum is an incredible source of vitamin “C”. A good quantity of vitamin “C” is important for overall health and body functions. More importantly maintenance and repairing of bones and teeth and healing of several diseases.

Vitamin”C” is one of the antioxidants that protect harmful oxidation processes caused by free radicals in the body. Vitamin”C” helps to improve the production of protein collagen in the human body. 

This collagen protein found on human skin. It functions to make the skin healthy, firm, and free against wrinkles.

Enhances bone health

Hog plum contains some calcium, vitamin “K”. This calcium, vitamin “K” are helpful for strengthening the bones.

Promotes muscle strength

Hog plum contains a small amount of Thiamine. Thiamine is useful for strengthening the human muscle.


If you are suffering from a disease or undergoing a regular medical course for some other reasons, you should definitely consult your doctor before eating.

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