Health benefits of healthy fruit Apple

We really don’t need to be a nutritionist to understand that the fruit apple is a healthy fruit. Apple is such a attractive looking super nutrient fruit that is loved by people of all ages.

Which fruit is widely cultivated in the present world and most popular? which fruit is recognized as a top healthiest food? It is the fruit apple.

Nature has created such a beautiful fruit apple with high food value that we all love to eat. This widely popular fruit apple is now available throughout the year.

Nutrient Value of Apple

Apple is a very popular and delicious fruit. There is a saying about apple that ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, ie eat an apple a day and live a disease free healthy life.

Some of the most notable nutrient items of apple are given below:

  • Water: 80%
  • Calories: 95
  • Sugar: 25 grams
  • Fiber: 4 grams
  • Vitamin C 14% (RDI)
  • Potassium 6% (RDI)
  • Vitamin K 5% (RDI)

Apple benefits

The benefits of apple are discussed below:

Weight loss:

Apple helps us keeping our body weight under control. The pectin fiber present in apple helps to fill the stomach without any calories and keeps us away from snacks.

This results in weight loss for our body. Those who want to lose weight can try eating three apples a day to get good results.

Cancer resistant:

Apple has a large amount of flavonoid and polyphenols, which are the main components of antioxidants. And both of these components help to prevent the damage of our body’s DNA and prevent cancer.

The probability of pancreatic cancer decreases about 23% because there is a large amount of flavonoid in apple.

Tritterpenoids in apple restricts cancer cells in the liver, breasts and colons to grow. Moreover, one study shows that the amount of fiber in apple helps prevent coronary cancer.

Keeps Heart Well:

You can keep your heart healthy every day by eating apples. Apple has pectin fiber, which does not allow cholesterol in the intestinal.

As a result, it balances the cholesterol levels. Also, there are phenolic ingredients in apple peel, which help to remove cholesterol from the blood vessels.

As a result, the blood circulation in the heart is normal. Apart from this, flavonoids in Apple reduce the risk of stroke by 20%.

Good for teeth:

Although apple is sweet fruit, it is very good for teeth. Typically bad bacterias cause tooth decay. Apple juice can destroy 80% of the bad bacterias.

Alongside, your teeth will be white and bright.

Strengthen immunity:

The antioxidant called quercetin in apple strengthen the immunity of our body and helps keep our body healthy.

Good for bone:

Apple helps keep the bones strong. Besides, it boosts our immunity and keep the brain healthy.

Eliminates dehydration:

Having 80% water in apple helps reducing dehydration problems. As it has plenty of water, eating apple solves our thirst of water.

Reduces the risk of diabetes:

Apple helps reducing Type 2 diabetes risk. Those who eat apples every day, the probablity of getting diabetes reduces by 28%.

Because pectin fiber in apple keeps the right amount of insulin and helps control diabetes.

Caution about apple:

Apple is a healthy fruit that is safe for all. No harmful side effects of apple or apple juice are yet to be known. However, it is not good to eat apple seeds as it contains cyanide.