Health benefits of fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds are a spice harvested from one of several types of herb fennel plant. They have a sweet, powerful flavor that’s similar to licorice. Fennel seeds have traditionally been used in Italian cooking.

If it is questioned which foods increase the digestive power, then the Fennel Seeds will come. After eating a lot of heavy foods, many of us eat betel nuts. But you can eat Fennel Seeds without eating the betel nut. Because it is so beneficial to our health.

A spice of mustard, a summery scent, and a great taste. Famous because of its sweet smell and taste. Fennel tree has been used as a medicinal plant for many centuries. Fennel Seeds can be dried and then make tea and drink.

Looks like cumin but a little bigger and brighter than cumin. Fennel seeds in English is the scientific name Foeniculum vulgare . Fennel Seeds are cultivated all over the world. India accounts for 60% of the total world production.
Muri has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Besides, magnesium, fiber (food fiber), potassium, calcium, iron. Calories in fats are very low. However, there are many important nutrients.

Raw bees are more tasty better than dry bees. Fennel Seeds are effective in eliminating mouth odor, cellular protection, bone development, strengthening eyesight, controlling hormones, controlling blood sugar and healing of wounds, eliminating constipation, breastfeeding breastfeeding mothers.

Grain Nutrition

  • Calories: 20
  • Fiber: 2 g
  • Vitamin: C 1%
  • Calcium: 5%
  • Iron: 6%
  • Magnesium: 5%
  • Potassium: 2%
  • Manganese: 17%

Fennel Seeds Benefits

Healthy Fennel Seeds are very beneficial. In some parts of the world, people chew plain or sugar-coated fennel seeds after a meal. Chewing fennel seeds is thought to help aid digestion and prevent gas. The benefits of Fennel Seeds are discussed below –


Reduces appetite:

Not only does the aroma add flavor and taste to the cooking, but it also helps to reduce hunger.

Studies of 9 healthy women have shown that those who ate 2 grams of fennel Seeds before lunch had less appetite and consumed fewer calories during mealtimes. As a result, beans can be a great way for those who want to lose weight.

Adding fiber to your diet may help relieve constipation, and other digestive problems that can cause gas, and generally help keep things moving properly in the digestive tract.

To eliminate bad odor:

Many have this problem. Fennel Seeds are very effective for them. Maury Mouth serves as a freshener. Regularly eating fennel will relieve your bad breath. In this case, it can always be kept with fennel.

Good for Heart Health:

Fennel Seeds are good for the heart. Because it contains a lot of fiber. Lowering high cholesterol levels in fiber can reduce the risk of heart disease.

A review of 22 studies found that consuming an extra 7 grams of fiber per day reduces the risk of heart disease by 5%.

In addition, fats contain magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which play an important role in keeping the heart healthy.

Fighting Cancer:

Strong plant compounds in Fennel Seeds can protect against chronic diseases, including certain cancers. Anethol – one of the major active compounds of the fennel seeds.

Which has the characteristics of fighting cancer. A test-tube study found that fennel can reduce the growth of breast cancer cells.

Good for breastfeeding mothers:

galactagogue properties have been shown in fennel Seeds, which means it helps in breast milk growth.

Fennel Seeds can increase blood levels of prolactin – a hormone that signals the body to make breast milk. For this reason fennel seeds are effective for mothers who are breastfeeding.

To relieve cough and cough:

Italian researchers say that fennel seeds or fennel seeds oil can help relieve cough by reducing mucus in the lungs. Excessive mucus or phlegm in the nose and throat can prevent problems.

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Eliminates menstrual pain:

Menstrual pain, it is a common problem for girls. A recent study found that fennel seeds can reduce menstrual pain.

Good for digestion:

Eating fennel seeds tea or fennel seeds can be consumed with gastric or diarrhea problems. Helps to relieve digestive problems.

Helps to increase digestive power in fats. The gas problem is also very useful. Soak the fennel seeds in a glass of water overnight, and then drink that water to reduce the stomach and stomach pain caused by gas.

There are antibacterial properties for teeth:

fennel seeds can prevent plaque created by dental bacteria.

The study concludes that fennel seeds are an excellent herb that can prevent tooth decay and the bacterial growth and spread of the mouth.

It has antibacterial properties. Studies show that fennel seeds extract can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Constipation goes away:

Fennel can relieve constipation by relaxing the digestive muscles. Fennel is very effective in preventing stomach problems and constipation.


Maury is not so good for pregnant women. Pregnant women may consult a doctor. Also, if you are suffering from a complex disease or undergoing a regular medical course for some other reason, you should always consult your doctor before eating.