Health benefits of bottle gourd

The vegetable called “bottle gourd” can be found in almost every kitchen in Bangladesh and India. Although it originates from Africa, it is widely used in the countries of the Indian subcontinent. In Bangladesh, it is known as Lau or Kadu, in English as “bottle gourd”, in Hindi as “Lauki” and in Tamil as “Sorakai”.

This gourd is not very popular in the western world. This vegetable belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae and belongs to the genus Lagenaria. Scientific name: Lagenaria siceraria.

Bottle gourd is a vegetable that has a lot of water (98 percent). Lau relieves fatigue and cools and refreshes the body.

Lau is a very good detoxifier that stops bleeding from the nose and prevents any rashes or ulcers on the skin. Detoxifiers help to remove various harmful substances from the body.

It contains a lot of potassium which helps in controlling the blood pressure of our body and helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body. In summer, we sweat a lot and the electrolytes go out of our body with water, so eating bottle gourd eliminates fatigue.

If we eat bottle gourd juice then it will work like medicine:

Eat this vegetable juice without cooking. Everyone can eat bottle-gourd juice, especially for those who suffer from diabetes. Bottle gourd juice is very beneficial because it lowers blood sugar and balances blood pressure.

How to make?:
Peel a bottle gourd, grate it and squeeze the juice. Now mix a little pepper, salt and mint leave with it. Add one teaspoon of ginger with it. In the end, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.

It is beneficial to drink bottle-gourd juice after physical exertion. This is because the amount of glucose and carbohydrates in our body decreases after any physical activity, which helps to fix it again. In addition, the body returns electrolytes.

Health Benefits of Lau:

Bottle gourd contains many essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin “C”, Vitamin “B”, Vitamin “K”, Vitamin “A”, Vitamin “E”, Iron, Folate and Manganese.

What many of us may not know is that bottle gourd is rich in vitamin C. From 250 grams of bottle gourd, we get 25 mg of vitamin “C”, about half of the amount of vitamin “C” we need throughout the day.

Below are some of the important health benefits of bottle gourd –

Lose weight and keep the intestines healthy:

Since bottle gourds are easily digested, when our digestive system is a little weak in summer, it is easily digested when we eat bottle gourd. The vegetable helps in digestion as it contains soluble and insoluble fiber. So eating bottle gourd relieves constipation, helps to eliminate gas-heartburn, and heals hemorrhoids.

Bottle gourd high levels of water and fiber so it keeps our digestive system and intestines healthy. Several studies have shown that either by making curry or by eating gourd, the level of fiber in the body starts to increase. As a result, hunger is reduced. At the same time, the amount of eating naturally decreases.

Increases brain performance and maintains good mood:

Many may not believe that bottle gourd cools and relaxes the body. Keeps the brain fresh so there is no mental instability, depression and any other mental agitation.

Bottle gourd contains a type of neurotransmitter called choline, which, when ingested, increases the performance of the brain. As a result, the stress level naturally decreases. At the same time, the risk of developing multiple mental disorders, including depression, is reduced.

Controls blood pressure and keeps the heart healthy:

Bottle gourds contains vitamin “C”. Vitamin “C” contains antioxidants that keep blood cholesterol levels in check. Those who are suffering from problems like high blood pressure must have bottle gourds in their diet!

This is because it contains some nutrients that play an important role in keeping blood pressure normal. And if the blood pressure is normal, the heart health also gets better. And it goes without saying that when the heart is strong, the overall life expectancy also increases.

Reduces the incidence of constipation and various stomach ailments:

Due to uncontrolled eating and drinking, indigestion and heartburn are the daily companions of life. The fiber in the bottle gourd not only improves digestion, but also plays a special role in reducing the incidence of diseases like constipation.

Reduces insomnia:

Several studies have shown that the majority of people do not sleep properly due to poor eating habits. Multiple studies have proven that if you start eating bottle gourds regularly, the problem of insomnia is eliminated. As a result, there is no risk of sleepless nights. According to Ayurveda, sesame oil mixed with bottle gourds juice helps to cure insomnia.

Enhances skin beauty and reduces acne:

The vitamin “C” and zinc that we get from bottle gourd helps to prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. Keeps the brain active and produces collagen in the body. Collagen is a protein that strengthens the tissues of our body.

Bottle gourds contains vitamin B which is effective in preventing premature hair loss. With that, the problem of oily skin also comes under control. This is why it is recommended to eat laurel juice or any food made with this vegetable every day.

Incidentally, there are several more benefits to eating pumpkin. For example, the chances of excessive sweating are reduced. At the same time, there is no risk of getting skin diseases like acne.

Cools the body:

Many times the internal temperature of the body rises considerably, which is not good at all. That’s why you should eat pumpkin juice 2-3 days a week regularly! In fact, this vegetable contains a lot of water, as well as a lot of minerals, which keep the body cool as well as remove the harmful toxic elements present inside the body.

As a result, the risk of contracting various diseases is reduced. Similarly, there is no possibility of increase in temperature or inflammation inside the body.

Decreased incidence of diseases like urinary tract infections:

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time of year due to increased levels of harmful germs in the environment. The risk of urinary tract infection, especially in girls, is multiplied. It goes without saying that there is no substitute for bottle gourd to control any type of infection.

Not only that, this vegetable has a lot of water in it, so it is very good to urinate, so the risk of getting a disease like UTI is reduced a lot.

Indigestion is reduced as pumpkin stops excess bile. Bottle gourds keeps the liver well. In this age when we eat many kinds of harmful foods, it is very important to keep the liver healthy. According to Ayurveda, bottle gourd keeps the