Free public APIs for programmers

The knowledge of API (Application Programming Interface) is a must these days. APIs allow us to do a request to a remote server and get the response in a standard format (JSON, XML, etc).

Most of the apps use API to get data or post data to the remote resources. In the very beginning, programmers may need some sample APIs to continue the development work. Following are some useful free APIs for developers:

Free public APIs

7Timer!Weather forecasts
Agify.ioPredict age based on a name
Archive.orgLarge public digital archive
Binance24 hr crypto data
BoredActivity suggestions
Cocktail DatabaseCocktail recipes
CoinBaseCurrency codes and names
CoinDeskBitcoin price index
CoinGeckoExchange rates
CoinMapCrypto ATMs
CoinpaprikaCryptocurrency data
CryptingUpCryptocurrency data
Data USAUS public data
DogsRandom dog images
ExchangeRate-APIExchange rates
FreeGeoIPGeoIP info
Genderize.ioPredict gender based on a name
HTTP CatsCat images for HTTP status codes
HTTPBinInspect your user agent and headers
Image-ChartsChart images×100&chd=t:60,40&chl=Hello|World&chan&chf=ps0-0,lg,45,ffeb3b,0.2,f44336,1|ps0-1,lg,45,8bc34a,0.2,009688,1
ImgflipPopular memes
IP 2 CountryGet country for IP address
IP FastGet your public IP address
IPifyGet your public IP address
iTunes SearchiTunes and Apple Book Store content
JikanUnofficial MyAnimeList API
KrakenCrypto data
KuCoinCrypto data
ListlyTop 10 lists
MakeupMakeup brands and product info
MusicBrainzMusic data
Nager.DatePublic holidays
Nationalize.ioPredict nationality based on a name
OddsmagnetGet odds history from bookmakers
Open LibraryInformation about books
openFDAProduct recalls from the FDA
Pixel EncounterSVG Monsters
PlacekittenPlaceholder kitten images
Public APIsList public APIs
PunkAPIBeer recipes
Random DogsRandom dog images
RandomUserFake user data generator
ShrtcodeURL Shortener
TeleportLocation and quality of life data