Effective natural remedies for tonsils.

In many cases, we get infections in the throat and it causes a lot of pain.

This pain is usually caused by an infection in the tonsils. Tonsils can be caused by bacterial and viral infections.

Tonsils cause swelling of the throat, sore throat, pain when eating, fever, earache. The viruses responsible for colds and coughs are also responsible for this tonsil infection.

It is very difficult to swallow when we get tonsils.

What are tonsils?

The tonsils are the things that look like round lumps on both sides of the throat wall behind the tongue.

Although it looks like flesh, it is basically a kind of tissue. What we usually mean by tonsils is tonsillitis.

Let’s know about the natural way to get rid of tonsillitis-

Salt water:

Gargling with salt water and rinsing the mouth can soothe sore throats caused by tonsillitis. It can reduce inflammation and also help treat infections.

Not only this, with the help of warm saltwater you can reduce the risk of bacterial infections in the throat.


Milk turmeric is very effective as a home remedy for tonsillitis. Due to the strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of turmeric, it can fight against tonsillitis.

Mix a pinch of turmeric, salt, and 1 pinch of black pepper in a cup of hot milk or hot water. Rinse with this mixture to get a better result.

Hot tea with honey:

Warm drinks like tea help reduce tonsillitis. Adding honey to tea can help treat inflammatory infections of the tonsils due to its antibacterial properties.

Boil half a teaspoon of tea leaves and a teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Now slowly drink the tea with a sip.

Ginger Tea:

Boil one teaspoon of ginger powder and tea in one and a half cup of water for 10 minutes. Drink it at least 2-3 times a day.

Ginger has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory ingredients that prevent infection. It is also very effective in reducing sore throat.

Lemon Juice:

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey, and half a teaspoon of salt in 200 ml of warm water.

Take this mixture for as long as the sore throat does not get better. It is very effective in relieving tonsillitis.


Basil is an effective home remedy for relieving tonsillitis due to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Basil leaves help to reduce swelling and pain in the tonsils as well as heal.

Mix 10 to 12 basil leaves in one to one and a half cup of water and take it with fire.

Now add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of honey, and a little bit of black pepper powder. Take this mixture as long as the sore throat or tonsils are not good.

If the tonsil pain does not reduce in 2-3 days, then a doctor’s advice should be taken without delay.