Clove eases tooth pain and heals nausea.

These days in every kitchen the cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are available. We call them hot spices together. The benefits of cloves are not just cooking rather they have unbelievable health benefits.

Clove flower buds are the clove whose scientific name is Syzygium aromaticum. Although the taste of cloves is a bit jerky, it is still very good for our health.

The health benefits of cloves

  • Cloves are very useful for teeth. If we have a toothache, chewing cloves will ease the pain.
  • If we catch a cold or we have cough then the clove or clove tea is useful for those cases. It also helps get rid of cough. The bad odor of our mouth can be cured using clove.
  • Some of the ingredients contained in cloves help prevent cancer. One test-tube test showed that cloves stop the growth of the tumor and help to kill cancer cells.
  • Cloves contain antibacterial properties, which can stop bacterial growth.
  • If we are suffering from nausea then clove powder with honey can give us relief from nausea.
  • If we are suffering from viral fever then clove powder with light hot water with honey helps us recover the fever.
  • Cloves are very effective in removing acne. Mix the powder of cloves with a little honey and place it over the acne. Acne will go away.
  • Cloves contain vitamin K and manganese helps to keep good bone health.
  • The eugenol contained in cloves is good for the liver.
  • Research has shown that cloves control diabetes.

Since the clove has many health benefits, it is best to eat clove or clove tea daily. It’s something we all know that too much of anything is not ideal. When we will try to have clove or clove powder, we will maintain the proper amount.