Causes of early morning headaches

Why do we get a headache after waking up? Sleep brings peace and strengthens the body and mind.

But if we wake up with a headache, then sleeping is no longer comfortable.

And this problem is seen to be many. Headaches are a common problem on the one hand, and if they occur regularly on the other, it can be a sign of a serious problem.

Let’s find out what causes headaches after waking up-

Due to sleep problems:

The biggest cause of headaches is not getting enough sleep. One of the causes of headaches is not getting enough sleep or getting less sleep.

Not only that, not being able to sleep in a comfortable position during sleep can also cause headaches. Not using the right pillow can also cause headaches.

Due to excessive sleep:

A healthy person needs 7-8 hours of sleep every night. But sleeping for more than 9 hours or more can cause headaches. This causes headaches after waking up.

Drinking extra tea-coffee:

Many people stay strong by drinking tea and coffee throughout the day. Even tea-coffee works great to reduce headaches caused by fatigue.

But taking caffeinated tea-coffee throughout the day and in the evening can cause headaches in the morning.

Excessive alcohol consumption:

Another cause of headaches after waking up is drinking too much alcohol. Headaches can occur if too much alcohol is consumed.

Due to anxiety or depression:

Anxiety or depression plays a major role as a cause of headaches after waking up. Anxiety may be emotional, but its effects are physical.

Headaches can occur at any time of the day, but are more likely to occur in the morning. Too much depression can lead to headaches.