Best fruits for pregnant women

Healthy eating is much more important for a pregnant mother. The food that a pregnant mother consumes during pregnancy is the only food for her unborn baby to grow.

If there is a pregnant woman in the house, first of all, it is necessary to ensure adequate nutritious and energy-giving food for the formation and improvement of the fetus.

Pregnant mothers should include foods with protein in their diet. It is also important to keep fruit on the diet. This is because the nutritious diet of the pregnant mother will provide the necessary nutrients for the growth and development of the fetus.

Folate (folic acid) is very useful for the brain development of the child. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and all types of citrus fruits contain a lot of folate. It is also available in green vegetables, beans.

Constipation is a common problem in pregnant women during pregnancy.

Below are some of the fruits that can help the fetus grow and develop.


Guava is rich in vitamin “C” and vitamin “E”, polyphenols, carotenoids, folate. Guava contains a variety of nutrients that are ideal for pregnant women. Pregnant women eating guava during pregnancy helps to relax muscles, aid digestion and relieve constipation. So it is an ideal fruit to eat during pregnancy.


Eating dates throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy can reduce the need for labor during childbirth. It can also help reduce constipation.


According to medical science, eating 200 grams of ripe jackfruit every day eliminates almost all types of malnutrition in pregnant women and their unborn babies.

If a pregnant woman eats a certain amount of jackfruit regularly every day, her health will be normal and the growth of the fetus will be normal.

If the lactating mother eats ripe jackfruit, the amount of milk increases.


Oranges help the body stay hydrated. Oranges are also a great source of folate. Folate is vitamin “B” which helps in preventing brain and spinal cord defects. It is a great source of vitamin C. Vitamin “C” increases the absorption of iron in the body of the pregnant mother.


It has been found that drinking lemon water or lemon juice helps in relieving nausea during pregnancy.

Lemons also contain high levels of vitamin “C”, which helps in relieving constipation and keeping the digestive system healthy. Lemon can erode tooth enamel, so wash your mouth after eating lemon.


Bananas are another good source of potassium. It contains vitamin B-6, vitamin “C” and fiber. The woman feels constipation during pregnancy.

Putting fiber-rich bananas on the diet list can alleviate constipation in pregnant women. Research trusted sources show that the vitamin B-6 in bananas can help relieve nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy.


Apples are rich in fiber, vitamin “A“, vitamin “C” and even a good source of potassium. Eating apples during pregnancy is very beneficial for the health of the fetus.

A study published in the journal found that pregnant women who ate apples during pregnancy were less likely to have asthma and allergies in their babies.


Pears are high in fiber. It also contains potassium, folate which is very important for pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

The high fiber in pears can relieve constipation during pregnancy. And the potassium in pears is good for the health of pregnant mother and baby’s heart.


Pomegranate helps pregnant women meet their iron needs. It also contains Vitamin K, Calcium, Folate, Protein. Vitamin “K”, Calcium are very necessary to maintain bone health.

Studies have shown that drinking pomegranate juice helps reduce the risk of injury to the placenta. The placenta is an organ that develops in your uterus during pregnancy. It provides oxygen and nutrients for your unborn baby.

Besides, java apple, strawberry, mango, avocado, watermelon etc. are good for pregnant women. Drink plenty of water every day. Not less than two liters. Always be cheerful. Listen to the song. Read good books. Do something with your brain. A healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby.