Basil leaves or Tulsi leaves health benefits

When the British set foot in India, they resorted to Holy Basil or Tulsi to escape the oppression of mosquitoes. They called it the “Mosquito Plant”. This basil or basil leaf is an inexhaustible source of medicine for Mother Nature.

In Ayurveda, Tulsi is called “Queen of Bones”, “Queen of Shrubs” and “Mother of natural medicine”. It is revered as an elixir of life because of its medicinal and spiritual properties.

Although the basil tree and leaves are small. But its usefulness or quality is not small. We have been hearing from my childhood that if you have a cough, eat basil leaves and the cough will go away.

But it is not limited to coughing. Basil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that cleanse / purify the blood . Basil is also used as an antiseptic.

The word tulsi has no meaning. The examination has shown that Tulsi is the only plant that keeps the air clean by providing oxygen 24 hours a day. But any tree emits carbon dioxide at night.

Benefits of basil or basil leaves

Even though basil is a very familiar word, we do not know much about its benefits. Here are some important benefits of Tulsi –

Eat basil leaves or basil tea to reduce cough:

Basil leaves work well to cure cough. If you have a cough, mix basil leaves, ginger, and honey together and eat it. You can also drink basil tea. Basil tea can be bought from the market or made at home.

If you want to make it at home, boil it with ginger powder, cardamom powder, and water. Then mix a little honey and lemon juice and drink. It will help reduce cough.

Cancer Cure:

The anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic ingredients in basil leaves prevent the growth of breast cancer and oral cancer. Because these elements stop the blood circulation in the tumor.

Cures Diabetes:

Basil leaves are rich in antioxidants and essential oils, which produce eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllin in the body. These ingredients help the pancreatic beta cells to function (beta cells store and secrete insulin).

Resulting in increased sensitivity to insulin. It lowers blood sugar and cures diabetes.

In case of stomach upset and fever:

If you have a stomach upset, 10-12 basil leaves and a few cumin seeds paste it and eat it 3-4 times a day. This will cure stomach problems i.e. stomach upset. Basil leaves are very good for fever.

Mix basil leaves, black pepper, and palm candy and boil well. In case of fever, drink boiled water 3-4 times a day. You will see that the fever will go away very soon.

Consult a doctor if stomach problems are prolonged or if you have a high fever.

Removes Kidney Stones:

Basil leaves help in lowering the level of uric acid in the blood and keep the kidneys clean.

Reduces chickenpox and measles spots:

Basil leaves are very effective in reducing chickenpox spots and measles spots. Apply basil leaf juice on the black spots and the spots will gradually disappear.

Measles usually causes black spots for children. In that case, if you apply the juice of basil leaves, the spots on the skin will be the same as before.

Skin Care:

It is a little surprising to hear that the basil leaves will be very useful in beauty treatment. Because many people suffer from problems with oily skin. Acne mainly affects people with oily skin. As the skin is extra oily, dirt and germs get stuck in the pores.

The amount of blackheads on the skin also increases if the dead cells are not removed. The easiest way to get rid of this problem is to use basil leaves. Because it is natural, it will not harm your skin.

So you can use it safely. To get good results, mix rose water, basil seeds, honey, and sandalwood with basil leaves. Acne, black spots will be removed as well as the radiance of the skin will increase.


Basil leaves act as an antiseptic. If any part of the body is burnt, then apply basil juice and coconut oil to reduce the irritation. The burn will dry out quickly and the burn marks will go away.

Basil for digestion:

Basil leaves help increase digestive energy. Strengthens the digestive and nervous systems and can be a good remedy for headaches.

Eugenol in Tulsi keeps your digestion healthy. Basil leaves keep the acid level in the body low and keep the body’s pH level right.

Reduces stress:

Very effective in reducing stress. Basil leaves help to reduce stress by controlling cortisol levels. Relaxes nerves and increases blood circulation, which controls free radicals that cause stress. If you feel extra stress, chew 10 to 12 basil leaves and eat it.

Tulsi leaves also help in mouth sores, dental care, and mouth odor. Usually, we take expensive medicine for any physical ailment. This expensive medicine has many side effects. But there are also natural ways to treat the ailments. We should try to follow the natural ways too.