Banana flower reduces blood deficiency and is good for diabetics patients.

Banana flower is a very popular food in rural areas. Very tasty and mouth-watering food. Banana flower ghonto (a mix of things cooked together) or pie made with banana flowers are all very popular.

Steamed rice with banana flower ghonto with a little ghee tastes awesome. One can have an entire lunch with only rice and banana flower ghonto. If we are tired of eating potato, brinjal, egg chops the chop made by banana flower would be a good alternative.

The banana flower contains vitamins and minerals that are very important to the human body. Banana flowers can relieve many diseases.

Banana flower health benefits

As the fruit banana has a lot of nutrients, similarly banana flowers have also a lot of nutrients. Following are the benefits of banana flower –

In breast milk growth:

Banana flower is very useful for mothers who are breastfeeding. Banana flower helps in breastfeeding. In Ayurveda, mothers have been told to eat the banana flowers.

Increase in hemoglobin levels:

Banana flower is an excellent source to increase hemoglobin levels in the bloodstream. Banana flower is very useful for keeping the right blood volume in the body. It is also useful for patients suffering from anemia.

For Diabetes Patients:

Banana flower reduces blood sugar levels, which is good for diabetics. Banana flower glycemic index is very low and contains high levels of dietary fiber and anti-oxidant, which is important for diabetes control.

Excess bleeding reduction during menstruation:

According to Ayurveda, mixing yogurt with one cup of the cooked banana flower will reduce the excess bleeding of women during the menstruation.

Minimizes the impression of aging:

Free radicals are harmful to the human body. Vitamin “C” and anti-oxidant rich banana flower help fight against free radicals. Therefore, the banana flower prematurely slows down the aging.

High Fiber:

The banana flower is rich in soluble fiber. It helps to improve stomach problems such as constipation, gas, and digestion.

Reduces mental stress:

The banana flower contains high levels of magnesium that can improve our mental health. banana flower relieves our depression and reduces stress.

Since the banana flower is very beneficial and healthy, it is important to have banana flowers occasionally in our daily diet list. Avoid eating too many oily, fatty foods and try to eat high fiber banana flowers. Eat good food and stay healthy.